Why is it important to Support Local Flowers Growers

Soho Flower Farm is situated in Melbourne, yes right in our backyard. Offering a local alternative to imported Roses which are flown long distances and often sprayed with harsh chemicals that our customers and florists have to touch. Eco Flowers and Gifts have a passion to use eco friendly flowers that are fresh, straight from the growers and fewer chemicals for you to handle. Honestly as a florist for 13 years to compare the fresh local roses to the imported roses… well they just don’t compare! The leaves are fresh and not covered in spray, the petals are not dehydrated and wrinkly, many have the most amazing perfume and the best thing is that they last a lot longer in your home. So yes wherever possible we will be working our hardest to source locally grown flowers and supporting Australian Businesses.
(Photo taken by Angie Hay)

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