Calling all secret spies…

What is the heart of Eco Flowers and Gifts (EFG). Well it’s not about the numbers, how many followers we have on Facebook and Instagram. No, our message is about “GENEROSITY”. As passionate nature lovers our name stands for Eco Friendly and working towards making better choices. We are proud supporters of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and as we grow, we will certainly be supporting other environmental groups.

But more importantly our heart is for people. Life would not be as rich without all the wonderful, funny, creative, kind, passionate and loving people around us. We’re about connecting with people and making a difference.

I think that most of us know about or know of someone who has gone through a rough time. Someone who is lonely, someone who is homeless, a struggling single Mum or Dad. Someone who just received bad news.

That’s where we come in. Once a month EFG will give away a free “LOVE POSY” gift. You as our secret spies send in your request via text or messenger and let us know their story. We need to be able to (have permission) to share their story so that all our little followers (spies) can be part of our special “LOVE POSY” gift journey.


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